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Human cloning : The Future

Posted on 21. Jun, 2009 in Experiments & Research, Genetics

Human cloning – part one – who is doing human cloning. Future of human cloning and why few clones have been made for medical research. Reasons / arguments for and against human cloning. Cloning animals and biotechnology.

This video explores how human clones are being made – for medical research. Arguments for and against human cloning research. Why some people want to clone themselves or even to clone the dead (and not just cloning pets).

Arguments For and Against Cloning

Here is a list of arguments that the most frequent in the debate for or against human cloning. Start not on the arguments in favor:

- Cloning could create a being identical to a child or a close relative died.

- It might be a technical support for infertile parents to single mothers, gay couples for invoking a right to the child.

- The cloning would offer the possibility of creating a child “therapy” can be used to provide a transplant.

- Cloning is a way to ensure immortality, an idea very much in common with cults.

- The positions of authority could be reserved for individuals Pre qualified to elites.

- The financial interests of cloning would be considerable, especially with the market for reproduction, the patent technology.

Now we will see the arguments against human cloning:

- The creation of a clone would be a process very expensive, therefore, a process that would not be usable by all.A  A‚

- Cloning could become a form of slavery as being clone is like any decision for him (her physical, character …).

- The twins have difficulty finding their identity, and cloning would have even more difficult because it would be a copy of a being that it removes all unique to each person.

- This way of reproduction abolish an essential about human lineage.

- The cloning would have genetic characteristics predetermined. These characteristics are the result of chance in sexual reproduction, it allows us to be different from each other. Human cloning would therefore against the mechanisms of evolution of life.

- The cloning could lead to slippage due to the very important economic issue that emerges.

It can therefore be noted that the arguments against human cloning are “high” for that. Indeed we can see that some argument is a disagreement with an ethic that would be protective of the human species. For some argument could be used almost as an argument against.

Pour therapeutic cloning there is a strong divergence of opinions.

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