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Nanocooling is cool: nanostructures thin films for computer chips cool

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85When you look at the performance curve of computer CPU according to the year of production, a variant that is known as “Moore’s Law“, we see that the clock speed, which was 3 GHz in 2002, was … 3 GHz in 2007, when it should have been 24 GHz! One reason for this stagnation – that was remedied by increasing the number of cores – is looking to increase the power dissipation and thus temperature, in processors, as their size decreases . (more…)

Sciences and information technologies and communication

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106Virtualization, the “cloud” (cloud computing), the “software as a service” (SaaS), as well as “Web 2.0″ are among the keywords most popular computer ads present seminars company profile post to recruitment, etc.. Without going into precise definitions as specialists eager to challenge, there is a reality behind all this: the return to centralized computing. (more…)

The Future of Personal Computing

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In the beginning there was Boolean logic and it was good. Mainframes begat minis, minis begat desktops, desktops begat portables, portables begat laptops, laptops begat PDAs, and somewhere in the great cyber-stew, tablets popped up. I don’t have to tell you that there have been a lot of changes in computing technology over the years. As we all know, change never takes a breather, and this leads to a dangerous predilection for prediction. This brings me to my current assignment. (more…)

Java: Hot or Not?

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27java_600Java is probably one of the most used and least understood of Internet buzzwords. It’s been around for eons, in Internet terms, and it’s made its mark as both a programming language and an enterprise-level platform. The Java object-oriented programming language, developed by Sun Microsystems, can work across different operating systems, on Window PCs, Linux machines and on Macs. It can be used for playing games, running Web site animations, and handling basic office applications. (more…)

Innovation in the United States: America is it based on its laurels?

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107The recent report of the Foundation for Innovation and Information Technology has the merit of hitting the spirits and revive the pre-election debate on the (relative) of the United States on innovation. If we consider the progress in terms of innovation achieved in the last ten years, the United States last indeed come to a ranking of 40 countries! (more…)

From WiMax despite crisis

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193Despite the period of financial uncertainty in the United States, the WiMax Forum expects to launch WiMax offers a hundred operators this year. (more…)

Society Elmarco opens new research center

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86Czech society Elmarco, manufacturer of machinery for the production of nano-fibers, has just opened a center in Liberec research, development and production.

The role of the center, covering an area of 3000 m2 is to continue the development of materials composed of nanofibers and the possibility of application of the patented technology NanospiderTM capable of industrially producing nanofibers. The construction of this center unique and includes several laboratories where specialized in nanotechnology, has cost nearly 190 million Czech crowns (about 6.7 million euros), more than a third come from the EU Structural Funds . (more…)

Multiwave Photonics, a company developing innovative solutions lasers

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242Multiwave Photonics was founded in 2003 by Jose Salcedo, a former professor of the Faculty of Engineering of Porto, and three of its alumni. The Multiwave Photonics laboratories are located within the Technology Park Maia, TecMaia. The research company, develops and markets advanced solutions and innovative lasers exploiting the technology of fiber optics. (more…)

Nanotubes and upholsterers: how to explain to the general public the growth of carbon nanotubes?

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09 Boris Yakobson, professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering from Rice University in Houston finishes to explain his latest discovery: he thought he understood how the growth of carbon nanotubes. His idea appears in an article in the latest issue of Competes Rends of all-American Academy of Sciences (Proceedings of the Academy of Science, or PNAS), which is also the cover. Quiz: if you search on Google for information on the mechanisms of growth of carbon nanotubes, which keywords should you use? Answer: “tapestry” ie “tapestry.” (more…)

The famous American University Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Fusionopolis has chosen to open its first research center abroad

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55The American University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has opened its first research center outside the United States to Fusionopolis to strengthen its research activities in collaboration with the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A * STAR). (more…)

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