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Conspiranoia Swine (II)

Posted on 06. Sep, 2009 in Education in Science, Life

imagesThe current crisis of Influenza A has been the pretext for charging against the capitalist system, globalization and food and pharmaceutical industries.
Many of these conjectures are based on prejudices present in ordinary people and which are then skillfully exploited by the Conspiracy of Time, to develop a wicked web of concealment and manipulation of information.
One example was the revealing “sociological microexperimento” conducted by the author of The Absent Blog. During the first days after the outbreak of the epidemic, resulting from the shock he was suffering the public internet forums collapsed with many theories, each more absurd, in a desperate attempt to understand that was what was happening in America and Mexico. The blog author said was devoted to collecting comments from the Internet and presented in an article which I am sure will delight the reader.
The opinions of the Internet given the conspiracy can be classified into the following categories:
- The most numerous, which point to a manipulation of a government, preferably American, or some secret society, see the Illuminati, to establish the New World Order. – An attack by a subversive group against President Obama that, coincidentally, was visiting Mexico, the epicenter of the pandemic during the previous days.
- The blame for everything has meat consumption and GM. You have to eat more vegetables and natural foods. At one point, the multinational Smithfield Foods, was in the spotlight since it was stated that the virus moved from their farms.
- It’s all an excuse for the pharmaceutical getting rid of surplus stocks of Tamiflu.
- The virtus came with the chemtrails, these contrails left by planes at high altitudes, according to others, are harmful substances that are sprayed on polbacion.
- A divine punishment. Was already foreseen in Revelation.
- It’s the beginning of the end foretold by the Mayans.
- It’s the attack carried out by some Arab state, an enemy of the West.
- The Israelis knew too much.
- This crisis is what you need Man to take the step to the next level of reality (very New Age).
- Is the fault of Capitalism and Globalization.
As shown, a button. Here I discuss, to the delight of the Internet, an excerpt of the comments on the swine flu extracted from El Blog Ausente (as did the author, I have left the spelling errors and capitalization). I strongly recommend reading the whole article, here:
“leftovers in the world many millions of people for the realization of the New Word Order (NWO) who want certain lodges”

“All those people who eat pork exes suffer from this disease”
“It’s a terrorist attack Obama on his trip he met with the first infected”
“Human beings must eat more fruits and organic vegetables and require governments to end the transgenic”
“It is a laboratory virus to spend surplus tamiflu pharmaceutical industry”
“It is suspected that the Arab world is to be rid of this infection because they do not eat pork”

“It had to happen: NO TO ANIMAL ABUSE”
“A vaccine is effective: love, if all human beings recuperasemos the love within us would not have disease.”
“It’s an Illuminati plan to reduce world population to 500 million people. Read this please, it is VERY IMPORTANT.”
“I hope this comes out a new humanity, more tolerant and kind.”
“READ THE last prophecy what is coming CHANCE THAT IS ALL FULFILLING THE BIBLE SAYS, THE MAYA, the Koran, the Torah”

“The global ban on smoking has been the first step to cleaner lungs that would make people less immune to virus
“Do not eat anything ke be American”
“Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name Thy kingdom come Thy will be done …”
“Then it will be that the Mayans were right: 21 of 12 of 2012″
“is a dream come true for pharmaceutical companies and governments worldwide”
“Strange that no Arab country has been no infection. It seems very suspicious. Let everyone draw their own conclusions.”
“Iranians have been aided by Syria and Russian scientists, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION He took them to Syria.”
“Many will awaken tomorrow in the new world.”

“There is no disease exists only in our minds, if you think you have it, the suffering and dying, is a matter of faith.”
“It’s not being cruel, to overcome the crisis the best are the war and epidemics. The public for fear of rights violations … lets see V for Vendetta”
“How curious, in Israel there are no cases detected hog farms”
“The UFO pictures beside the aircraft making chemtrails are numerous, which gives us hope that the solution comes from our elder brothers”

“Obama was already made previously immunized and carrier of the virus”
“The earthquake was caused by the project HARRP to hide the magnitude of deaths from the virus and win the world time to panic ‘
Anticipated “that can die up to 90% of the world ponblacion”
“This is what brings capitalism: oil pollution, mad cow, avian flu and swine, contaminated milk, junk food and epidemics.”
“Eating a clove of raw garlic, 50 grams of pumpkin seeds and much tomato and you will be immunized against the flu”

“let them eat GM corn and pigs come out harmful viruses”
“Everything is a lie”
“Globalization means free movement of weapons, terrorists, and virus technologies.
“In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries that made it quarantine well, a village close-and if anyone tried to escape were carrying it.”
“Clearly Bilderberg met some weeks ago to plan all this … probably around the meetings of NATO and G20.”
“I recommend keeping a high vibrational level, so the virus can not do: make love. orgonite Bring the fence is not a bad idea”

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