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Activation of a gene promoting weight loss

Posted on 03. May, 2009 in Health & Medicine, News

76A research team at the Heart Institute of the University of Ottawa (ICUO) has uncovered the mechanism that activates the expression in the muscle tissue of a gene promoting weight loss. The study was conducted by molecular biologists of the Canadian Cardiovascular Genetics Ruddy of ICUO, under the direction of Alexander Stewart, Ph.D., and Frederique Tesson, Ph.D.

Scientists at the Heart Institute had previously identified ACSL5, a gene that affects the speed with which individuals who are overweight lose weight. The discovery of the mechanism of activation of this gene represents a major advance in the treatment of chronic diseases whose rates increase with obesity, like heart disease and diabetes. “The loss of weight, especially among individuals who follow a restricted diet depends on many factors, the role of the genetic makeup has long been suspected.

We find that genes that make us gain weight are not the same that those who make us lose weight. Now we can point the finger at how this gene that facilitates weight loss is activated, “says Alexander Stewart, Ph.D., principal investigator at the Canadian Cardiovascular Genetics Ruddy, located the ICUO.

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