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New Fraunhofer research group on electric vehicles

Posted on 24. Jul, 2009 in Environment & Ecology, News

223A new Fraunhofer research group has been created at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing and Technical Materials Research (IFAM) in Bremen has set up a group of experts in close cooperation with the departments of energy research and research on semi-conductors of University of Oldenburg and the research center EWE NEXT ENERGY. This group will aim to develop components and systems for storing energy for electric vehicles. Approximately 40 employees work at this in a new building of the University.

With this new project, the town of Oldenburg is one of the search sites are most important for the future of energy in Germany, as witnessed by the Minister for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony, Lutz Stratmann. The research and development center is established and the potential involvement of Bremen and Lower Saxony and strengthen the institutional synergy – a milestone not only for the energy technology sector but also for the economic development of the north-west Germany.

The project objective is defined by the guarantee of power for climate-friendly electric vehicles, which will play an increasingly important in the future. There, the electrical storage technologies are important as evidenced by Prof.. Dr. Matthias Busse, director of the institute IFAM.

Developments in equipment for storage technologies and corresponding descriptions will be made by the department of energy research and research on semiconductors at the University of Oldenburg in the direction of Prof.. Dr. Jurgen Parisi. Institute IFAM, recognized nationally and internationally for its expertise in the field of applied research on materials and manufacturing technologies, will be responsible for the development of completely innovative prototypes for the storage of electrical energy, specially designed for electric vehicles. Meanwhile, researchers at the research center Next Energy, under the direction of Prof.. Dr. Carsten Agert, was dedicated to research on materials and storage systems on technology located at the interface between energy production and storage.

The new Fraunhofer research group should begin its work in April 2009. This is the second group Fraunhofer set up in the city of Oldenburg in the space of one year. The previous group has been working since 2008 on technologies of hearing, speech and audio technologies. In addition, the Foundation for German Science elected Oldenburg city of science for 2009. This year again, a third research group Fraunhofer for wind energy should be created.

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