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Culture, Science and Sport

Posted on 30. Aug, 2009 in Culture, Experiments & Research

08journal600The creation of the journal Culture, Science and Sports Science Department of Physical Activity and Sport in the CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF SAN ANTONIO, arises from the intellectual and professional concerns of the faculty of our degree. In carrying out our teaching and research, committed to our responsibilities, and excited about the projects of our university, we propose an institutional space where project scientific dissemination of research results and facilitate a national discussion platform on physical activity and sport, while establishing, as future project, opening channels to the outside.

We want our readers as much or more demand than we are willing to offer them who are enthusiastic, loyal and committed to the values transmitted through physical and sports activities: the desire to excel, progress, and personal fulfillment enjoy the experiences that entail the use of leisure time in the pursuit of happiness.

The requirement of scientific rigor is supported both by the quality of the Scientific Committee and by the spirit of this publication: only the thoroughness and persistence in pursuit of the mechanisms and formulas that can improve our poise, and indoctrinated in the exploration our limits, may reflect our desire to contribute to knowledge, while serving humanity. Pride is not our horizon, but the commitment to grow as individuals, professionals and, ultimately, as human beings.

The title that we propose for the journal, Culture, Science and Sport, represents the goal we aim to achieve: Culture, understood as a set of skills which help develop the critical thinking; SCIENCE, as collateral in seeking such knowledge by observation and reasoning, systematically structured and which follow general principles and laws;
SPORT, the one physical activity, carried out as a game or competition, which involves training and practice subject to rules.

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